Japan Development Support Football Association (JDSFA) is contributing to develop sports culture in which everyone recognizes each other’s differences and get the joy of living, and to realize diverse communities by enhancing the public’s understanding in developmental disabilities.


  1. Developing programs, rules and teams tailored to the
    characteristics and hosting various events
  2. Supporting those who have developmental disabilities in
    participating the community through soccer and creating a safe place for them where they can feel the joy of life
  3. Developing professional coaches who can contribute to
    attaining our goals and providing parents with support



Our activities to attain the goals

Operating “SKC Academy” where children with developmental disabilities can grow and enjoy themselves through soccer
Operating  a soccer team”Blue Genius” made up of children with developmental disabilities
Holding various events for children with developmental disabilities
Holding useful “SOCCER-RYOIKU” certified courses for everyone related to children with developmental disabilities
Holding “In-depth Parental Learning” classes for parents of children with developmental disabilities
Holding certified courses to develop professionals of “SOCCER-RYOIKU.”  etc.

We want to see your smiles!
Soccer school for children with developmental disabilities
SKC Academy

SKC Academy which JDSFA runs for children with developmental disabilities is the only soccer school in Japan led by JDSFA certified professional coaches. This is a safe place for the children to have fun. Their faces are naturally full of smiles and passion. The smiles of the children running
around make parents smile, too. Smiles fill everyone’s faces.

My son is a child who runs away from things that he is
not confident in or that are new to him and cannot take
action.  However, in soccer, he was able to experience “I
did it!” “I want to do it!,” and that gave him confidence.
He said “I want to dom it!” “I want to be better!” and
became ambitious.
It has been utilized in his daily life, and even things that he is worried about have changed into “Let’s see it once and try it.”
(Comments by mother of a child who joind SKC


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  • EMAIL    inquiry@jdsfa.jp
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